Dode Zeezout


This BDIH certified Dead Sea mineral salt can be dissolved in lukewarm water for use as a whole body or foot bath. The salts work to purify the body both inside and out, stimulating  skin metabolism, blood circulation and the removal of toxins, and making the skin clean, healthy and calm. The calming and relaxing properties make stiff muscles and joints supple again while creating a calming and relaxing effect, allowing stress or over exertion to simply melt away. Accumulated toxins, impurities, skin flakes and feelings of exhaustion and fatigue should wash away with the bath water!


For external use only:
Body: Dissolve 8 tbl.sp. in hot bath water (38°C)
Head: Dissolve 3 tbl.sp. in small container with hot water (38°C)
Feet: Dissolve 5 tbl.sp. in foot bath with hot water (38°C)
For best results it is advised to treat the skin with Sea.line Mineral Face & Body treatment or Sea.line Mineral Bio Body Butter after each bath.