Pimples and blackheads PIMPLES AND BLACKHEADS

Pimples on your face?
This treatment consists of a bath with Dead Sea Minerals or a shower with Mineral Body Wash. The skin should then be treated with Body Bio Body Salt Scrub Oil, which is used as an exfoliator in order to remove any dead or loose skin cells. After rinsing and drying, the skin should then be generously massaged with Mineral Bio Body Butter. Even the tightest and most dehydrated skin will instantly feel silky soft, smooth and replenished again. The protocol can be repeated as frequently as desired in order to obtain optimal results.

Pimples on your body?
Cleanse your body thoroughly with the Mineral Body Wash or a Dead Sea Mineral Salt bath. Next, apply the Black Mud Facial Mask & Body Pack to the affected areas, and leave for 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing off. After this method is followed, dab any pimples with Acno Repair in order to heal the skin and make pimples disappear.

Soon those horrible pimples, blackheads and scars will be gone without a trace!

Sea·line product requirements:
Mineral Face Wash
Mineral Body Wash or Dead Sea Salt
Black Mud Facial Mask & Body Pack
Acno Day & Night Cream
Acno Repair