Original Cosmetics


Earth.Line & Sea.line natural skin care

We dedicate ourselves with heart and soul to the development of natural cosmetics, healthy skin care with a natural vision. Reliable, delivering on a quality promise while offering real value for money.

Our skin care lines comply with the strict regulations of natural cosmetics. All products carry the BDIH seal of controlled natural cosmetics and are certified by EcoControl.

The products of Original Cosmetics therefore only contain natural ingredients and do not contain parabens, paraffin, synthetics and chemicals or perfume. The products have been tested for allergies but never on animals.

Conscious use of botanical ingredients during product development of our cosmetics guarantee natural, ‘green’, and most importantly safe (toxin free) skin care products. Earth.line and Sea.line are produced energy neutral and environment friendly.

Using the latest production techniques and careful use of ingredients allow us to create innovative, health conscious and effective products that support and increase the natural strength of your skin.

Earth.line, Sea.line and Natural Age Control products are sold at quality health shops, nature shops as well as at health spas and beauty salons.