Often starting at around the age of 12, many individuals find that their hormones start to act up, causing their skin to produce more tallow - disturbing regular skin metabolism. Due to this increased production of tallow, the sebaceous glands can often become clogged. As a result of this some individuals can get pimples and blackheads. Stress, smoking, alcohol, sweets and bad nutrition may increase the severity of this problem.

We recommend that individuals with this problem try to avoid scratching the affected areas of skin, drink plenty of water, eat healthy food and consistently cleanse and care for their skin with 100% natural skin care products. The minerals and mud from the Dead Sea, together with plant and herbal extracts can purify and aid in the recovery of the skin.

A bath in Dead Sea mineral salts will often work very well in helping your body to get rid of toxins. It will optimally purify your skin. Each treatment section will tell you which products you need.